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How to make Online learning environment safe for children?

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the education scenario. It is really hard to believe that kids are attending their classes online, rather than going to the schools. Online learning has brought its own challenges, and the risks associated with it are a major concern amongst all parents. Most of the online classes are conducted through third-party video conferencing platforms, which have their own vulnerabilities and data security risks. That is why it is very important to provide your kids with a safe and secure learning environment. Here are some best practices you can use, to protect your kids from the threats associated with the use of online resources.

8 tips to make an online learning environment safe for your kids



1. Active participation

Online education might be a new concept for you as well. So, it is very important to get yourself acquainted first, with the technology or tactics used for this process. Once you are familiar with it, then guide your kids and help them get acquainted with the online world:

  • Educate them about good digital habits.
  • Actively participate with them in their online activities.
  • Extend your help as much as you can.

2. Video Conferencing Platform Safety 

Most of the classes take place through third-party video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Make sure that the classes are set to private, i.e. only students are enrolled for the session. Make sure the teachers have enabled passwords for each online session.

3. Parental Control

Most of the time schools provide the kids with laptops for online classes. But, in most cases, kids use their parent’s devices. So, it is very important to make sure that you block all the content which is not kid-friendly.

4. Webcam Protection

As you know, online classes rely on video cameras. So, it is very important to ensure that your kids are safe from any unrequested websites that can access your webcam. Make use of good antivirus software, which provides this security feature. 

5. Feedback

Be in consistent touch with your kid’s teachers about the duration and the pace of the online learning session. Inform them promptly, if any session is causing unnecessary stress or burden on your kid.

6. Guide your Kid

Make sure that your kid is appropriately dressed and follows all the rules of in-person classes. Make him understand that everyone else is watching and listening to him, and he needs to behave in a decent way.

7. Keep Distractions Away  

It is quite obvious for the kids to get distracted while studying online. Make sure to make them take the classes from a quiet room away from all the distractions like the noise of the cooker, utensils, pets, etc. 

8. Make use of secure WiFi

Public WiFi is more prone to security and data risks. So, always make sure to connect through a secure WiFi network in order to protect the privacy of your kid’s activity.

Final Takeaway



Online learning is now a “new normal”. The safety issues related to the online classes are not only a concern for parents, but for schools as well. We, at Pratibha International School, make sure to provide a safe and secure online learning environment for students. We make sure to use an updated version of the video conferencing platforms. We also make sure that each learning session is password protected and the links are sent to the respective students and parents only. We also provide training to our teachers about child safety. Apart from this, we improve the strategies of online classes based on the feedback received from the parents. This helps us to evaluate our performance, learn, improve and provide quality education to all our students. 


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